My Pets Own Website

My "Pets" Own Website

This is the Answer.

Beautiful Memories aren't made they Just Happen !!
(Like Babies!)

The Purpose of this website page is to help reflect Memories that will be with you forever. 

Its never to late to start this Life Diary or you Pet that can be kept Private or you can share it with your friends and relatives, or you Can be Bold and share your Memories with the World.

Endless Possibilities. 

Total Self Indulgence.

I agree, But I Don’t Care. A little bit of What you Fancy does you Good (unless Your Caught!!).

And after the day I have had I am, just going to spend 1:39 minutes remembering why I do this Job., 

Yes Their Soppy Photo's

Do you have any idea what fun it is siting in a air conditioned Office, drinking far too much coffee and Designing websites for Pets. 

A Dream Job

If I could make any of these facial expressions I would rule the World.

My All Time Favourite Video It's Silly and sloppy, But Who Cares!!

Its Lovely Lovely Lovely Lovely. If Your Not Smiling. Your Mad!! This is the second Best way to Reduce Stress.

The Easiest thing to do when doing a Website is just to dump all the Photos together. We don't do that Because each photo is a memory, and each memory has to be treated with respect.


Sometimes in Life Things Do Not Go As Planned. This is one of those Days. And lets be honest, There are a lot more just around the Corner.


Someone, (no name mentioned), has spent the night on the Tiles. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that our home is being Protected while were out buying DOG FOOD


Sometimes the World can Look a scary Place. But when you can pull a face like this what can Possibly Go Wrong!!

My Job is to pull all your information, Photo's and Videos together and create something to make you smile.
If you would like to talk about what we can do for you please send me a Message and we will get back to you As soon as Possible.

Your "Pets" Website is Only 10 Days Away

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