My Pets Own Website

My "Pets" Own Website


At My Pets own Website, We are a Small new Company that specialises in the Design and Maintenance of web sites Devoted entirely to Pets.

Why pets, you might Ask?

We were approached to design a web site for a Lady who wanted to promote her Parrot. It’s True, a Parrot! We spent a few weeks designing and Promoting “said” Parrot on Social Media and we were amazed at the response and interest.  That got us thinking (and that takes some doing) . We talked to lots of people who thought the idea of a web site for a Parrot was complete Madness, But, they thought that a site dedicated to their Pets made Complete sense. And so our Journey Began.

Wipe away the Tears There’s more to Come!

We searched the Internet looking for sites to get inspiration from, only to find that there is very little available and what was seemed to be of a poor quality and very overpriced.

With the aid of a Government guaranteed loan we were up and running. The best part of our Business is dealing directly with Pet owners who are passionate about their Pets and want to promote and show them off, this has been greatly helped due to most if not all Pet shows being Cancelled.

We have become a very good alternative.

Fast Turnaround

Share With Friends


We will make your website within 10 days. We can make your website 1 page or 5 pages, it’s up to you! E.g. Home – About – Gallery – Videos – Contact


Share your website with your friends or even the world! All of our websites come with a custom domain, so you can share it on your social media or anywhere you go.

Hackers aren’t getting in, due to our latest core software. So be rest assured your site (and all of your information) will be safe in our hands.

2020 & 2021

As I said Previously, we were approached to promote a Parrot with the plan to make him a Super Star!. We had 1000’s of Youtube / Facebook interaction’s and to be honest, it was great fun. Even though the idea of having fun at work seems alien to us, we started expanding and most Important we started to fully understand the Bond between people and their Pets.

It is often said that having a Pet is like having another Child in the house, and it’s true. We are pre-programmed to look after our Pets in the same maternal way we look after babies.

When I first started having Children (and there not as easy to make as it looks in the Manual), I took so many photo’s and video’s it was impossible to keep up. Now they have been replaced with a Website. In 2020 keeping a Digital record is the way forward.

Having a Website dedicated to your Pet, a digital record of their life is a fantastic comfort and a great way of sharing with family and friends the memories that are important to you And your Family.

Keeping all the Videos and Photos online as well as stories and Memories that will be with you forever.  Being updated monthly so that its fresh and current is a lovely and refreshing way of treating Your Memories.

When we started this Project it was a bit of fun. now it has turned into a thriving Business because we take the time to talk with and understand you’re feeling about your pet, allowing us to give you the Very best representation Digitally of your Forever Memories.

I feel a tear coming on!!


It’s true. Just watching your pet changes your mood. “I’m not sure why I like Horses as much but I do.” 

So, back to the website. I have been trying to organise my phone and the photos of my cat seem to dominate just about everything. I will show them to just about every one I see. At times, yes, I’m a little obsessed. I agree. 
The idea of a website devoted entirely to my pet, with her name as the domain, makes me feel really classy. I love being able to have a bespoke website just for her. I have all her photos and videos.
They are beautifully displayed and every month I can have the photo and videos updated to reflect the months’ comings and goings, at NO extra cost.
We are also offering a BRAND-NEW Bespoke Service as a memorial to your Pet, so that he/she will live on forever on the internet. Nothing takes the pain away of losing your best friend but if you would like this Bespoke Service. Please speak with our designers who will talk you slowly through the process. 
A lot of people find this very helpful and it allows you to show your respect and thanks. It can be totally private or you can share it with your friends and family, as always 

it’s your choice.

These photographs are a perfect example of what will make your Pets website look awesome.

All our packages are now Available within a 10 working Day Period (Sometimes faster if there Urgent).Our Price of  $897 (spread over 3 payments of $299) Reflects the work and Detail that will go into Your Pets Own Website. It really is Incredible Value and Something that will; be treasured for a Life time. 

With over 60% (and increasing) of Internet views being on  their Mobile phones it makes Perfect Sense to have Your Pets website compatible across a multiple of platforms.(Smart Phone, Android, Tablets) This will allow you to take Your Pets Own Website with you Everywhere and become the envy of all other Pet owners’. 


🌱  The most important thing is that we understand your vision, get to know your cat

🌱  We ask you to upload photos and videos into a drop box (we can sort that don’t worry)


🌱  Remember the site can be updated monthly so new photos and videos will always be on his site


🌱  We will purchase a domain in your Pets name (for example: mycat-susie.Com), but again we will check with you before hand to make sure you are happy. There is an ongoing cost of $335 per year to retain the domain & hosting (this is included in the first years payment).


🌱  Tell us a little (or a lot) about your Pet so that we can fill your site with personalised writing and reflect his/her personality


🌱  Tell use about your Pets favourite toys, colours and food things to do. Just about anything that is important to you, we can even put you talking or favourite song in the back ground


🌱  A little about his adopted family (that’s you) would be nice


🌱  We are often asked if you or family and friends can be part of the website


🌱  Of course, your family has adopted your Pet so that is his family


🌱  We can arrange for you to have a 1-2-1 with our design team who will get to understand the project better


🌱  The trained designer you talk to will be the one fully responsible for your site, you only ever deal with the named designer


👍🏻  We’ll put all your videos and photography’s in one place, and we will update once every month

👍🏻 We’ll give your Pet its own domain (eg. http://www.myRabbit-com) with 👍🏻12 months web hosting


👍🏻A 5-page website: Home – About – Gallery – Videos – Contact


👍🏻We can even set up a facebook page for your cat at no extra cost


👍🏻You could become an internet sensation if your videos go viral like “grumpy cat” and he made millions……


👍🏻 We all love Pets, You Love Your Pets, share your memories with the world


👍🏻 All your memories, all your stories, write a blogs and we will publish it monthly on your own site at no extra cost


👍🏻 If you only want to share with a few family members or friends we can make the site private so that you are in full control


👍🏻Share as much or as little as you would like


👍🏻We are also offering a unique service if you Pet is deceased as a living memorial


👍🏻 We will arrange a 1-2-1 with our design team to make sure we fully understand what is important to you


👍🏻 We also offer 2 redesigns to make sure you are happy (redesigns take 5 days and are free of charge)


👍🏻 5 star customer service experience offering a 10 days turn round once we have received photos and information

3 Monthly Payments of $299*

                                                                  Story Time

It is so important when we are designing you site to spend time talking with you about your feelings and how you would like your Pet portrayed. 

I know that sounds obvious but for us its the Most Important part of the process.

We need to understand what makes your pet so Special, what are their likes and Dislikes.

A little bit about how you came to adopt your pet and what it means to you, it’s a Personal thing we understand that But the vast majority of our sites are kept full Private and not shared outside the Family so you can be honest without other unwelcome people prying on your site. 

Remember it’s Your Site, you are fully in charge. This is why the talk with our Designer firstly will put you at ease and secondly help us to understand about their personality. 

Together we will make a Site that we ae all going to be Proud Off. 

If You Would Like To Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have not Covered your quyerstion just drop me a line

The Cost seems to be Ok but can I spread the payments?

Yes. we have made it a 3 payment scheme to encourage more people to use our Bespoke Service. It is now 3 payments of $299. 

I know it's a Website for my cat but can the Family be on the site?
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Can I change the Design if it doesn't suit

Yes we have agreed with our Design team that there can be two redesigns to ensure that you are fully happy with the website and it’s contents. Redesigns do take a little longer but are always a priority. 

How Many Photos and Videos can I put up ?

If your anything like me you will have a bucket load of Pictures and we understand that. we estimate about 100 photos but remember that the Site is updated monthly at no extra cost so the amount will always e growing 

I understand that it takes 10 days, Why so Long?

This is always my favourite question. Yes I can have it knocked out in a Couple of days, But we would not want our Name on it. Your Site has to be of a standard that we would be proud of. Your paying good hard earned Money. You expect the best and the Best takes time.  

Can I get a Discount if I order more than 1 Site?

Yes, we offer a 10 Discount for multiple sites but we can often just included them in the main site.

we always check with our design team before taking mutable orders to avoid you incurring additional costs. 

Our Happy Clients!

I am delighted with the Service and Design. They took the Time to understand what we wanted. Thanks Guys
Eric Burns
I Loved it. Thanks I now have a Website for Jess (RIP) that is Truly Beautiful. Thank you for this, it will be with me Forever.
Jenny Grace​
This was the Best Present That I ever gave my wife, and believe me she has had some fantastic Presents. But this Was the Best
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